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Vitesse 6 radiator

Andy Fl

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Hi there.....I think I am beginning to realise these are as rare as manure from a rocking horse, but here goes anyway. Does anyone have one of these early radiators in any condition please ? I am specifically looking for the early type which has no cap on its header tank, but couples to a metal expansion tank, which houses the radiator cap (the same as shown in the attached photograph). I am based in West Surrey, but am prepared to travel for the right piece of equipment.....thanks in advance

Vitesse 6 underbonnet shot for reference.JPG

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I have a header tank, I thought I had a radiator but can't find it for now.

Have you thought of a Dolomite radiator with an extended core, they have no pressure cap and look identical to your photograph?

If you went down that route it would need a larger bore inlet pipe to match the header tank added to the radiator top tank.

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Thanks to John D and StandardThread for your responses. I took your advice John D and had my original unit recored at Guildford Radiators in Cranleigh. They also removed the radiator cap from the tope of the radiator and sited a new inlet/outlet in the top header at the same time. Very good job and completed within seven days !

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