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Spitfire alternator wiring

phillip ridley

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all in the control box, and various ways of doing the connections...


the earth is no longer required.

the F (field) and WL (warning light) wires need joining 

Then all the other wires need connecting together. This is not so easy, as they are thick. I came up with a solution, using a bit of copper (I cut open and flattened a bit of copper pipe) which I cut with enough "tabs" for the cables. There may be a commercially available joiner? I have also heard of using ring terminals, and bolting them together. Or even a large screw terminal. I don't think there is a suitable Wago connector...

Also worth considering the dynamo produces 20a or so, and if you use a higher power alternator it is worth adding an extra wire from the alternator direct to the battery positive.

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