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Wheels for a Triumph......

Ian S

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My little Toledo, when I bought it it had a set of Sprint wheels, although they are dead right for the car, there a bit overdone for me, same as Minilites on Escorts, I can understand why they are used, they are one of the few wheels that do fit because the dolly platform used FWD offset? Now, for a LONG time I have been searching for a period set of wheels I like, I have bought numerous sets of wheels that technically would work, but with the wrong PCD, I even found a set that were 100mm pcd and had them converted to 95.25, only to find one wheel fitted under the arch and not on the other 😞 eventually found a bent trailing arm, once sorted the arm out and centralised the axle, neither wheel fitted because I had originally measured for the pushed over side, Move on 12 weeks of back injury, scouring the internet whilst laid up I found what looked like a very dodgy advert on Facebook Selling for a friend ETC, Far too cheap, Cash only, and Far to Far away (but not in another Galaxy), so of course I bought them, knowing exactly what they were, A set 5 Compomotive TF 6x15, with triumph pcd  and about the right offset...... all for 100 beer vouchers, well, Im chuffed.... 



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