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  1. Here are Citroen saxo vented discs/princess spaced calipers/using spit 5/8 master cyl and spacer fitment for steering arms and caliper aligment. Fitted on my spit with 15" wheels (fits under 13" steels and lots of other 13" alloy wheels but fouls Sprint alloys) been on for 6 yrs of abuse now with no probs. Plenty to read using search, heres just one thread: Sorry , link no longer available
  2. I always leave the choke in for a few secs cold cranking so it dosnt start to quickly when left for a length of time, anything to save the big end bearings, made the mistake once of starting the car after a 2 week idle, waited to prime the carbs with the elec pump, full choke and it fired first crank...knock-knock-knock-knock...brummmm  
  3. Not sure about the 6 pot but dont you HAVE to do a camshaft upgrade as well as needle/air filter/tuneup when you add an extractor manifold or is it just a mild performance upgrade with just the manifold?
  4. It wil be perfectly fine mounted at the back Jon, bung it on. Yes it is, thats why peeps fit oil retention filters IE Mann with double anti-drain valves or an oil purge tank that pre-loads the oil system when stone cold and when you have electronic ignition and elec fuel pump that fires on the first crank. The first few secs of cranking from cold is refilling the oil filter and filling the galleries hence a bit of cranking is always good, unless your starter is knackered...
  5. Cant see a problem Jon, it will probably work a little harder mounted at the rear but its a quality pump and its still pushing 2.2psi and more importantly good flowrate mounted at the tank according to this, no need to regulate tho, leave it fully open: http://www.gowerlee.dircon.co.uk/HUCO.html
  6. Hi Dave From the spring foot plate (which is missing and you need btw) to the eye center looks to be approx 3" thats is correct for the stock spit spring/shocker. So yes they look correct for a spitfire stock direct replacement. If you plan on upgrading the springs (standard springs are rated at around 180Lb) the ride hight drops by about 2" or more.Stock springs are very soft and tall, for a front engined car, the rear engined Imp will be very light on the front so maybe a vist to an Imp forum will offer more info on spring ratings. If buying new i strongly recommend fully adjustable IE height and strength....bit more expensive but covers all bases. Spax part number : G761 - Fully adjustable   G210 - adjustable
  7. I understand direct ie no rubber slop advantage of solid mounts, the issue needs to be addressed by the sellers for sure. Dont know if it works for rubber mounts but found this method: You will notice that when you turn the wheels to the right, the rack gets pushed to the left, and vice-versa (a side to side motion). Take advantage of this motion by turning your wheels all the way to the right before undoing anything, and then replace the rubber mount that is not being pressured. Before tightening the U-bolts, turn the wheel to the oppisite lock in order to apply pressure to the newly installed mount. Tighten the U-bolts. Now do the same for the other side. It worked great! http://vintagetriumphregister.org/tr6-steering-rack/
  8. My prob was standing traffic/hot conditions no airflow past carbs coupled with low revs with the mechanical pump, also sartup from hot engine. Double skinned heat shield helped but still had to fit elec pump. Upgrading to an extractor/branch manifold created even more heat but i had fitted the elec pump, and happy days.....primes the carbs almost instantly,  i assume the saloon has the same heat issues?
  9. Them links are just for info Greeks, as you will see some of the solid state pumps will offer way to much PSI for the SU's to handle. SU's are rated at around 4 psi max, my 5 psi silver top on max makes the float bowl gaskets leak, 4psi they 'sweat' with old gaskets....3psi no probs Shop about and the solid state pumps designed for carbs are very affordable without extra expense of the regulator....I just wanted a bit of control of the fuel pressure hence the way I went
  10. Facet Silver Red or Blue tops all shove out 6-8 psi.....great pumps but you will need a regulator to maintain 3 psi http://www.glencoeltd.co.uk/facet-fuel-pumps/facet-cylindrical-pump-12v-24v/ Cube or solid state pumps don't need a regulator as rated 3-4.5 psi...just ok for SU's with good gaskets on the float bowls 😉 http://www.glencoeltd.co.uk/facet-fuel-pumps/facet-solid-state-pump-12v-24v/ Don't forget its supply on demand and the Facets flow very well IE cope with vapour lock on a hot engine, compare that with a mechanical pump that maxes out at 2.5 psi and pap modern fuel that evaporates as you look at it I use a silver top and a regulator set at 3psi......no probs on a hot and sticky 1500 spit
  11. Big chat about it here, a few quid from China/HongKong etc Sorry , link no longer available
  12. The search for 'rocking horse poo' shall continue for you then... 😉
  13. What engine? Spit 1500 here £75 http://www.jigsawracingservices.co.uk/engines.htm 100 217789A Crank pulley, alloy, Spitfire 1500 1 75.00
  14. Front No plate and drivers mirror......... (naughty) nasty ! Shame its a nice ol' motor that Weird them gauges......I understand the vac gauge but oil pressure? I would have gone engine coolant temp personally
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