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  1. I've never had an issue with it except when it didn't come with the right cap. It's such a simple device assuming you get all the connections tight and don't use full tyre pressure. Was happy to have it when bleeding the Lockheed brakes on my 2000 the other week. I get people might not like it because it's a bit more faffy to clean out and setup etc though.
  2. I really like my Britool extra long spanners and cordless Makita 1/2" impact gun. Plus probably the much maligned Eezibleed.
  3. Yep — https://sites.google.com/a/mintylamb.co.uk/triumph2000efi/
  4. My highly tuned 2 litre has approximately a 2" butterfly — when you work out the area it's about the same as twin HS4s An SU has a relationship between inlet size and vacuum — fundamentally doesn't work properly if too big.
  5. You're better off sticking with the same carbs and setup as those from a Mk2 GT6. That way you can use the same needles etc 175s are likely to be too big, will be harder to tune and give you no extra power at all... just doesn't make any sense.
  6. My saloon is off for a session at a rolling road next week to finally get it mapped. Only 11 years after fitting the EFI... Needs valve clearances checking before that. I have an idle valve to fit, however that might depends how much better the maps are dialled in after the rolling road session. Needs a new throttle cable. Side project is a digital dash I’m making for the EFI. Has lots of different gauges and can show any variable the ECU spits out. I’ve designed a rev counter gauge that takes up the whole screen and flashes at shift points etc for an upcoming track day.
  7. Problem is, they’re all going up. It’s not like you could swap your Triumph for something more exotic. Shame for young people, but then I guess they’ll just have to buy an MX5 or something. Which to be fair are now as old as my 1977 Spit 1500 was when I bought it in 2001.
  8. The effort to create a time lapse in 2008 compared to now is immense. Now it would just be a GoPro with a huge SD card. I wish I had more photos and videos from my runs.
  9. Come on now — we all know the correct place to find these things; http://www.mintylamb.co.uk/gearspeed/
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