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  1. I am After the Tr7 injection manifold for the standard 2.0l Lump. DM me please if you have one with price.
  2. TR7 has been having some home paint applied in a Metallic Silver leaf , at present its an improvement but not by any means showroom fresh paint... I need more practice!
  3. The top lever controlling fan speed is all good, that operates the pawl at the top. I too used the G clamp method to get the bits together, i think they came loose as the flaps were siezed. The far right lever which operates the up down flow of air is the problem it goes up and down but wont hold in place.
  4. On my tr7 the far right control for the heater doesn't have any positive engagement..no clicking any ideas? The flaps move but I can't leave it up or down just midway.
  5. Thanks Tim I must have missed that link.
  6. Christ I dont want to introduce any water at all to any Triump....
  7. Looks a good drive out Chris. When do entries open, or have i missed some link on the new site?
  8. I always liked your blog Beans, you do a fantastic job of your TR7. Pleased to hear the long pedal travel is not just me! If i press hard enough the car comes to a stop, i rebuilt the brakes with new seals and caliper piston, new rear cylinder, green stuff brake pads up front. I have looked at varying ideas but would like to keep the stock wheels which limits stuff. The Capri M16 calipers seem a good idea then and the spacers readily available.
  9. Howard, I have seen some repro princess calipers in Ebay (160) which seem good. I have stock TR7 calipers and while it will stop, there is plenty of travel on the pedal which alarms me despite bleeding. With the engine off i get a firm pedal. I was wondering if the princess calipers are worth it. I have stock 13" alloys
  10. Today I fitted my knew steering UJ to the steering column and new upper and lower bushes. A tiny turn on the steering wheel equals a tiny turn at the wheels. My home made strut brace is fitted too. Looking forward to getting out tomorrow morning.
  11. So nice to have a busy forum back... here is today's activity.. replacing the bulkhead steering Bush on the TR7 . Removal led me to find a small amount of play in the UJ on the shift so new ones ordered and new upper column bushes ordered now. The upper shaft felt like it had some sticky gluey type wax some panel wipe got rid of it. Have a look at the inside of that nylon bush 20210421_103244.mp4
  12. I know someone else who had that problem in 2018 at the start line in his 2000... Rich?
  13. Well done on the new look website and the speedy responsive forum.
  14. Well we have an MOT which covers the event, most of the suspension has been replaced, several holes welded up. But the paint needs plenty of work, carpets are ordered and need fitting. TR7 should be a nice cabin to be in then.
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