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Spitz 1500 fuel supply

Ian Perry

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This is just me musing and maundering, rather than any particular request for help...

The Spitz is not yet in regular use, so it doesn't run every day. And starting it the first time after a break is a bit of a hassle as it seems to lose all the fuel in the pipes, pump, hoses and fuel bowls. The pump then struggles to pull it up from the tank and the last couple of times I have only got it to start by actually sucking the fuel up to the pump myself. Then it stops and starts ok. There isn't any obvious sign of leakage from the float chambers, hoses, pump or tank (all the hoses are new), though I have noticed a bit of petrol whiff in the boot - but I had put that down to what appears to be a missing screw (to be fixed tomorrow, hopefully) in the fuel tank filler neck.

So I'm not entirely sure what's going on. The pump has been apart a couple of times, so I am not 100% confident of the quality of the seal between top chamber (full of fuel) and the big bad world outside, although (as above) I haven't found any signs of leakage. Annoyingly, one of the things I had bought for the Toledo (before it died!) was a fuel pump...

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