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Brian Gunn

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Hi,I'm trying to find the whereabouts of a car I owned many years ago.Triumph Herald 1200 WHP 26 J,  She was finished in Damson red with a Tan interior. I had the car in or around 1977 kept her for possibly 3 years.Unfortunately had to let her go due to failing the MOT test,due to rotten outriggers.I would really like to track her down,I checked with the DVLA,but could only  find the registration was still live on there records but showing to be untaxed with no MOT.I know this is a longshot,but it would mean a lot to my wife and I,as this was the car we brought our babies home in [Babies now being 43 & 40 Years old] Thanks in antisipation 

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Much as I don't wish to rain on your parade I have to say that it looks like a long shot at finding the car alive after all this time - I've just checked with the DVLA computer and it says that the car was last taxed until the end of 1985

It is theoretically possible that it's laid up in a garage somewhere, but unfortunately it's more likely to have been sent to the scrapyard and the paperwork was never sorted out properly. Sorry


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