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Richard B

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Yep my pump is shot;

Paddocks list one pump GLP106 County  
Rimmers list two pumps a normal GLP106 and a Heavy Duty GLP106HD
EJWard list one pump GLP106

Are these all much of a muchness or does someone do a super-duper one at 1/2 the price?

Is there any benefit to the Rimmers HD one (twice the price) or will it just stretch my chains quicker?

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When you say your pump is shot, what do you mean? These pumps rarely fail. Is it perhaps the relief valve that is stuck? Have you tried taking the r/v out, cleaning it and changing the o-ring?  Just pull the split pin and take the valve out. This can be done without taking the pump off the car but it will probably be gummed up and will need levering out from inside.
The more expensive pump is probably the higher pressure 'Saab' pump. I think this only has a higher-rate relief valve (stronger spring). There is a school of opinion that thinks this puts too much strain on chains and pushes the oil through too quickly. I am not an engineer, but I can say that the 'standard' pump has served me well for years.
I have heard lately that there is a bunch of new pumps around that jam up when torqued to the block. I have no proof of this, but was told this yesterday by a Stag specialist in the Midlands. In light of this, I would be inclined to salvage your existing pump rather than buy new if possible.

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The outer shell and the outside of the middle rotor are both heavily scored. It's very frustrating because the inner rotor and the inside of the middle rotor are fine.

Scored across the whole width and about 10 thou play.  ??)

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