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Cleaning a solex carb?

MR 1200

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Solex B30 PSE1 type carbs:

This accelerator pump type carb has three principal jets, and how the car drives shows which one is giving trouble.

If the car won't tick-over it is the pilot jet on the back face of the carb, simply remove, blow the rubbish out and replace.

If there is trouble accelerating, i.e. the car tends to slow slightly when putting your foot hard down, then it is the accelerator pump – usually either the diaphragm or a blockage in the swans neck jet.

Trouble running at constant speed is the main jet; this is accessed with a screwdriver through a plug in the side of the float bowl (after the carb top is off and the float removed).  Take it out and check it doesn't have bits in it; also clear all the rubbish out from the bottom of the float bowl.

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