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Carb leaking petrol from side


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Hi gang,

just a quickie to see if anyone knows why my carb is leaking petrol from the side.

There appears to be a drilled hole in the side of the carb and it would appear that it should go into the air filter plate on the carb body.  It was covered by a clip held in by a screw but this appears to be doing nothing.

Should this have a blanking plug put in it or should it be left the way it is.  It doesnt look right though because when I blew an airline into it, the revs cut and the car died.

Any ideas anyone??

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Assuming it's a Stromberg CD carb you talking about.
It seems to me like you have a stucked needle inlet valve or a malfunctioning float.
Resulting in excessive fuel in the float chamber
The hole, clip and screw are supposed to work as a float chamber overflow.
You might also have a bad flotchamber/carb.body gasket.

regards Flemming

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