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How many 13/60 convertibles are there left ?


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I no there’s a thing on Google 

how many left BUT is that actually correct 

does anyone else you no. 
also is there a chassis plate detailed information as of what colour your wheels were when it left the factory. 
interior colour 

trim level etc etc.  
just curious to no as I’d like to put it back to how it’s supposed to be 

as I like them as they were when they left the factory. 
many thanks 


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There is a plate on the side of the bulkhead, passenger side, that should give you the code for the paint and interior trim. Wheel colour isn't listed, I think at the time your car was built they would have been a 'white' of some type. You can get a heritage certificate that gives/confirms some information as well.

The plate in the photo is the one on my 13/60. Plus a photo to show where the plate is and if it works a copy of the heritage certificate.1157004006_Vin5.thumb.JPG.e2f5e6ed3b1b309eb1b3078928252a82.JPG711141993_Engine1(4).jpg.381d797c42f0337af6ad22802268d841.jpg1616497832_Heritagecertificate.thumb.jpg.df5229395d56fa1d09f5642719e166f0.jpg

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