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C2C 22 Final INstructions


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Hi All Teams

Yesterday I sent the Final Instructions to each of the Entrants.  They tell you what to do for Saturday and Sunday.  If you have not received them it may be because your email in the event data does not match your current email.  Entrants, let me know if you have not received this. If you have changed your phone number / WhatsApp address recently and not informed Howard please do that before Wednesday.

4th Coast to Coast Run 25/26 June 2022

Final Instructions

Read this carefully, Send it to your crew, print it and both bring it with you. 


Here are the Final Instructions for the Club Triumph Coast to Coast Run for 2022. 


1          Changes from past Information

There are some changes to what you were originally told.  We will not be able to have our evening meal at Spooner’s Cafe at the F&WHR Harbour Station, instead we will have it at The Port Deli and Restaurant, which is nearby. Details are in the Road Book.


2          Before leaving Home


You will need to have prepared your car, yourself and your crew. To get to the event start, drive the event and get home your team and car may need to cover nearly 1,000 miles.  There are no specific areas of the car that need attention but it needs to be in good overall order and meet current UK safety regulations. This is an endurance event, so you will need to be as rested and relaxed as you can be at the start. It will help if you are confident you have all you will need before you leave home.


You must bring the following with you:

·         Your programmed satnav / smartphone and/or marked up road atlas

·         The smart phone you registered with C2C WhatsApp group

·         Phone / SatNav power leads and chargers

·         A paper copy of the sign in sheet from the Road Book

·         The Coast 2 Coast 2022 Road Book containing the Timetable (paper or electronic copy).


You should consider the following:

·         Loading your tool kit and usual spares for events

·         Breakdown / recovery insurance

·         If staying overnight, details of your booking

·         Any food and consumables you will need during the event.







Covid-19 Precautions

Covid-19 regulations have been suspended in Wales, so there is no legal requirement to take precautions.  However there are particular circumstances in North Wales that make it advisable to be seen to take precautions.  This area has been badly affected economically by Covid-19. That is why we have had to change restaurants. As a courtesy to local inhabitants , until you see otherwise, please wear masks to the restaurant  and on Railway premises.


Before you leave home make sure that you and your co-driver(s) have

·         No Covid-19 symptoms

·         Packed facemasks and sanitisers and have them accessible


If any of your team have Covid symptoms take a test and if positive, substitute them if possible, if not, withdraw.  A refund will be granted for late withdraw for this reason.


3          Timetable

Saturday 25th June

Parade of Cars and Trains

09:00 Entrants and crews selected for the Parade of Cars and Trains park cars as directed by John Bell outside the front of the F&WHR Harbour Station. Entrants go to the station’s cafe to sign on, sign MsUK Disclaimer, have Road Book signed, receive stickers and merchandise.  Entrants don merchandise, position stickers on cars and manoeuvre cars to create formation of cars as directed by John Bell. Be ready to leave by 09:40.


09:45 Entrants and crews move off as directed by F&WHR staff and drive along the sea wall (aka Cob) to Minffordd Station. As you drive Cob you will be paced by a F&WHR train on the track beside the road. This will be videoed by the FWHR drone.


Anyone is welcome to watch, but please do not bring your cars since there is very limited road space around the stations. Park in The Llyn Bach Car Park.


Boston Lodge Tours and Driver for a £5

10:30 – 13:00 The first group will travel by train from the F&WHR Station to the works.

13:55 – 15:55 The second group will travel by train from the F&WHR Station to the works.


Only those that registered on the CT website are eligible for these tours as capacity is limited.


You will receive a safety briefing on arrival at The Boston Lodge Works.  The tour will be conducted by Paul Lewin, The General Manager of the railway.  It will last about 2 hours and finish in time to catch the return trains at 13:00 and 15:55


The opportunity to drive a steam engine will be subject to availability. The opportunity can only last about 5 minutes as there are 14 registered participants for each tour and it will run concurrently with the tour. Participants will have to leave the tour to take their turn. The turn will be sequenced by your entrant number. Exactly how this will work will be devised during the first tour. The F&WHR cannot accept payment for the experience, so will invite you to make a cash donation to the Loco Fund in the receptacle provided at the "Drive an engine" start point.


You can return to Porthmadog by taking a bracing 1 mile walk back along the Cob.

Signing in and Dinner

16.00 –18.30 The Port Deli Restaurant is exclusively reserved for Club Triumph for signing in and dining.  The location is shown on the map on page 2 of The Road Book. Park your car in the Llyn Bach Car Park area reserved for The F&WHR.  Any overspill from this area will have to pay in the main public area of the car park.


As you arrive at the Port Deli Restaurant you will either see or be guided to the signing in area.

Here you will register for the event, sign the MsUK disclaimer, have your Road Book signed, be given stickers and receive any T or Polo shirts you have purchased .


Menus have been circulated in advance by WhatsApp so you can decide what you want before you arrive.

18.00 - 18:30 Final C2C Crew Briefing will have been issued to all teams via email and a WhatsApp message. If you have not received either advise Chris Shaw and he will ensure you are briefed.

18.45 All Teams returned to their cars in the Llyn Bach Car Park and ensured that they are ready for departure.

19.00 Teams will be started as advised by the Starting  Officials.


The Start

The A470 and A487 are notorious black spots for serious accidents. To reduce bunching and overtaking during the first 40 miles we need to encourage our cars to spread out and to reduce overtaking as most accidents happen when this manoeuvre is being made.  Some of you will want to start driving reasonably briskly from the start; some may be content to take it more steadily.  May I ask you think about how  you want to drive the first section of the event and select a place in the starting line up to reflect how you want to drive.  Darren Sharp is the Traffic Marshal and will assist you. If overtaking is necessary please will the entrant being overtaken assist the overtaker to perform the manoeuvre safely.


Sunday 26th July

Halfway Halt

01:30 to 02:30 Mandatory 1 hour rest stop at Magor Services. Teams must have their route books signed at the stop. Either Howard Brissenden or myself will be in the restaurant area for this.  Magor is 213 miles from the start. Fuel should be available but don’t think about the price!


The Pilot Inn

08:00 onwards: Teams arrive at The Pilot Inn, Dungeness. Please park neatly as near the pub entrance as you can so that we can take some photos for Club Torque.  Teams must have their route books signed at the finish.  I should be near the entrance.  Enjoy the well earned breakfast!





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