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C2C 22 Briefing


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Hi All Entrants

This morning I sent out the event Briefing.  Again if you haven't received it the likely reason is that the entrant information is not up to date with your current email address.  Let me know if you haven't received it.  I am departing for Porthmadog tomorrow morning.

4th Coast to Coast Run 25/26 June 2022


Bring this with you in either digital or printed format

Here is The Briefing for the Club Triumph Coast to Coast Run for 2022. 


1      Acknowledgements

Entrants – 45 starters, wow! Thank you! I hope you have a safe and enjoyable experience

The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway  – for providing the works visit & the start

The Port Deli and Restaurant  – For hosting our supper

The Pilot Inn  – For being the only place in Dungeness  to serve 106 @ 08:00 on a Sunday

Howard – for preparing and plotting the route & setting up the WhatsApp Group

Ellis & Dale  – For the support that they have given  to specialist parts of the event

Darren – for organising the car park and starting the event

John – for liaising with The F&WHR and organising the Parade of Triumphs

Clive Senior & Craig Gingell – For the IT system that has made the administration possible.

2      Parking in Porthmadog

There will be an Eisteddfod Procession in Porthmadog on Saturday with road closures from at least 14:00 to 15:00. We should expect disturbance / delay from 13:00 to 16:00. The closure is the High Street from about the Port Deli to the roundabout on Porthmadog bypass at the other end of town.

This means that during this time period road access to Llyn Bach car park will only be possible from the Cob embankment end. Due to the procession,  traffic (and seeking of parking spaces) will be heavier than normal.

The best advice is to try to get parked up by 13:00 if at all possible. The Llyn Bach car park gets filled very easily in the early afternoon with railway users, staff and (I suspect) pay and display charge dodgers.

 3      The Probable Route Change

We have become aware of the scale of road disruption near Shepton Mallet caused by The Glastonbury Festival. It indicates multiple road closures on the A371.  It is best to plan to avoid the A371 and follow a route that deviates from the suggested route and rejoins the A303 later. This is described below. Very early on Sunday the course car will assess if the A371 is usable and broadcast a WhatsApp message accordingly.  More information may follow before then.

Patrick McNaught , who lives near Shepton Mallet, recommends the following  route.  From the A37 heading towards Shepton Mallet after about half a mile turn left onto a minor road towards Stoke St Michael or Dean. This will take you to the A361 towards Frome, take the A362 towards Warminster, then take the Warminster bypass and the A36. After Heytesbury leave the A36 on the B390 to Chitterne, then Shrewton, then the A360 to join the A303 at Stonehenge.  You can program this route into your satnav by removing the Wincanton waypoint.

There is a 24 hr petrol station at Nunney on the way to Frome, ASDA in Frome is 24hr although availability of E5 is uncertain. TESCO in Shepton is not 24hr. There are probably no fuel stations open between Weston-Super-Mare and the A303. TESCO in Midsomer Norton is 24hr and does have E5.

4      Incidents on the Route

The Organisers will broadcast WhatsApp messages about other incidents, delays and road closures, requests for help  etc. to everyone.

I can be contacted on 07707 663402 by voice.

Howard can be contacted on 07966 455643 or via WhatsApp messages, voice or video.

Please only use voice in the initial instance for an emergency.

In the unlikely circumstance that the event has to be curtailed you will be notified by WhatsApp as above.  Stop at a nearby safe place, remove all event branding from your car and continue to your next destination of choice.

5      Breakdown or Emergency

In the case of a breakdown, pull of the road at the safest possible place. If you need help raise your bonnet.  Passing crews stop, if safe, and see if you can assist. If you do not need assistance, or are just having a nap, leave the bonnet down.

You have an Entrant’s List giving other entrant’s names, models and phone numbers.  Should you need a specific part  or need specialist help , contact entrants with similar models to see if they are able to help

If you need to retire, from a safe place text me on 07707 663402 with Entry no, Entrant name, location, confirmation you are safe, cause of retirement.

In emergency.  From a safe place phone me on 07707 663402.

6      Driving Standards

You won’t need reminding this is not a race or any form of competition and that  you are subject to all UK Road Traffic Laws, MsUK Regulations and Club Triumph Supplementary Regulations.  As the event is sanctioned under a Motorsport UK Touring Permit, it will therefore be reasonable to assume we may be observed by MsUK.

Do not bring the club into disrepute by discourteous, inconsiderate, reckless or dangerous driving.  Particularly on single track roads be the first to give way to oncoming traffic. Also watch out for walkers, cyclists and animals. Finally, in inhabited areas drive quietly and dip your headlights.

If you have a car behind you that obviously wants to go faster please let it past and do not encourage dangerous overtaking yourself.  This is particularly relevant in Wales on the A470, A487 and A40. These are good open roads on which it is tempting to drive quickly.  They are deceptive and have a very high rate of serious accidents.  In this area Emergency services are relatively few and have a long way to go to get to incidents. BE VERY CAREFUL.

7      Starting the Event

The start of the event will be cramped.  Please obey the instructions of Darren Sharp and any F&WHR officers or volunteers.  If you have difficulty getting to the start on time phone Darren Sharp on  07906 596489

8      Halfway Halt

The half way halt is at Magor Services as detailed in the Road Book.  These services are not great, so don’t expect much.  I apologise for this but they are the only place that is open that meets our needs. I will make myself visible to the early arrivals and will need to sign your Road Book.  Howard will take over later and do the same.

9      Arrival at Dungeness

The Pilot Inn has a large car park.  Please park neatly as near the pub entrance as you can so that we can take some photos for Club Torque.  As you enter the pub I will sign you off the event and give you a Finishers Sticker, So please have your Road Book with you.

Once in the pub, The Pilot staff will advise you what to do to get your well earned breakfast.

10  Data Protection

Your Entrants List contains the phone numbers of all entrants.  After the event please dispose of this list securely by shredding or burning.

11  Questions

If you have any questions, catch me or Howard at The F&WHR Station in the morning or The Port Deli and Restaurant in the afternoon?

12  Phone numbers

Chris Shaw 07707 663402 / Howard Brissenden 07966 455643 / Darren Sharp 07906 596489


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