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Brake caliper rebuild problem


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I rebuilt the calipers on a mk3 spitfire. I got the rebuild kits from rimmer bros. I thought I had achieved a fairly good job but the springs that hold the dust cover on are too short and pucker the cover which would let dirt and water in. I've contacted rimmer bros who can't do anything. I've now waited 5 weeks and contacted them 4 times, they agree its a problem but can't find a solution apart from refund me. So I'm stuck. I got 2 of the old clips which sorted one side but I've none for the other.

Can someone please help and tell me where I can get bigger clips or sell me some or tell me where I can go from here. I've included 2 photos. One of rimmer bros clips and the original. 



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10 hours ago, Maggie13 said:

I got the rebuild kits from rimmer bros.

Oh dear, this mirrors my experience buying an alternator kit from rimmer bros.  To call them cowboys would be an insult to cowboys who do an amazing job of rounding up and directing herds of cattle in all weathers.  In short, RB are just box shifters, they know very little about what they are selling and obviously don't check the bits go together and they really don't care!  Emails to sales and customer service simply don't get replies and if you finally get through to a web chat they can't help and suggest sending an email...

May I suggest https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360609334503  because they have 100% positive feedback and the kits for one side at £5.60 plus £2.10 postage seems reasonable.  And I like the fact that they include the small rubber seal between the castings.  In fact, I'd suggest buying kits for both sides - I doubt RB will refund but given their offering has visually obvious defects you don't know where else their supplier cut corners.  Doesn't matter what they cost, dangerous brakes can cost lives.

I've bought quite a few parts online for my wreck of a Herald and have found that the so called specialists are not as good as they claim and the benefit of Ebay is that suppliers care about feedback.

Check out RB on Trustpilot if you don't believe me.

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The only time I use RB is if they are the ONLY supplier that has what I need (and even then I frequently check forums etc. to see if anyone has experience of their part) - too many "not fit for purpose" things in the past.

For brake parts I favor Bigg Red ( https://biggred.co.uk/), but then the "usual suspects" in Triumph land (Canleys, Paddocks, etc.)

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