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(SOLD) 3.89 diffs (Spitfire, Herald, GT6 etc)


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I have 2 spare 3.89 ratio Spitfire diffs for sale. Both were bought in "to be reconditioned" state and then sat on a shelf in my garage. I stripped one (sold to me as a 3.63 from a 1500) last night with the intention of rebuilding for my Spitfire, but found it was the wrong ratio. 😞

#1 unknown and from storage.

Sold to me as "Triumph Spitfire FH3.89 Differentia" and I've done nothing with it. £60




#2 Sold to me as "Spitfire 1500 diff, whines" but never used by me, stripped down and I find it's a 3.89 not the 3.63 I was expecting.

No signs of wear on the crown wheel/pinion everything inside looks in good condition, but probably wants new bearings (the old ones look ok) and re-shimming etc. if you want something A1. I've re-assembled it after strip down but haven't set preloads/mesh etc, just put it back as it was. £80 (I paid 100 believing it was a 3.63)


Pick-up from Halifax, West Yorkshire OR delivery to Pendle & Pennine or Hull area meetings. OR I'll box and weigh them for courier, but I'd prefer that you see them before buying. 

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