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Hi everyone
I have just purchased a TR4A requiring a deal of restoration ... I am the third person to have owned this car since the restoration started . I am a bit confused about the bonnet. The original bill of sale when it was imported back into the UK says that it includes a TR250 bonnet. In Bill Piggotts Triumph book he says that the TR4A and TR5 bonnets are slightly different with the TR5 bonnet having a slightly longer power bulge. However I cant see any differences in any of the photos I have seen of both these cars.

Can any one help?

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I'm still learning my way with the TR Range but have read you can get a Short and Long Bulge Bonnet.

I believe the early TR4's had the short Bulge, the later 4a & 5 cars the long bulge.

There is a short bulge Bonnet listed for sale on the TR-Register For Sale section?

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Hi Rick,
              the very early TR4 had a short bulge as shown in Gary's photo.
These bonnets were prone to cracking at the sides in line with the back of the bulge.

These were superseded by the long bulge on the TR4/4A/5 which also had the slanted internal rib.

The short bulge is period correct for very early TR4's but must be modified with a support bracket in each corner.
Even the 4A and 5 should also be suitably supported.

The old fashioned method of slamming the bonnet shut is NOT a good idea on these very long bonnets.


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