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Lucas 157sa ignition switch


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My dolomite refused to play ball yesterday, key in, suddenly the spring tension went and the starter cut out (before it started the car)

Today, I dropped the cowls, and was presented with the electrical switch in bits. 

I reckon it would go back together IF i knew what went where, especially the ball bearing

Any tips/links to where the 3 little springs fit and the ball bearing. (or has something else disappeared?)



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I couldn't work out how to fit it back together, but luckily found a spare on my workbench (I suspect from my Toledo, but have no recollection of how it got to my workbench)

So that was fitted, and all is well with the dolomite again.

I have had a proper look at the broken switch, and now it is easy to see all the bits and bobs, I have worked out how most of it goes back together. The only thing I haven't tackled is how teh return spring works (for when the starter is engaged) but I am sure I will get there when I spend another 10 mins on it. 

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13 minutes ago, Tim Bancroft said:

How is the car otherwise though?

Seems fine, not very perky but as the sprint engine is almost built I haven't put much any effort into improving the situation. It has a little prop vibration too. But all those things will be "fixed" when the sprint running gear is fitted. 

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