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Marmite Wet weather testing .

Darren Sharp

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Our cars are not renowned for being particularly waterproof so as it was chucking it down today preventing polishing or external fettling I’ve spent the one day off for the car testing it’s weatherproofness  ( is that a word?) . All seems well after a drive out ( filled it to the brim to check the new petrol sender - all good) . Wipers, washers, blower, heater all working perfectly. Heated rear window …. Nah but you can’t have everything can you , most importantly it’s dry inside with no leaks from the replacement screen rubbers and drain holes are clear . I’d forgotten how easy the Dolomite is to drive with excellent rack and pinion and its multi link suspension that was ahead of its time back when Ford were using Burman Worm and gear steering . Sticky throttle banished by fitting a powerful return spring linked onto an  exhaust bracket ala Spitfire 1500 . No longer have to lift the throttle after every manoeuvre. Very chuffed with how Marmite has turned out . 




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