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13/60 Herald body to chassis bolt locations.

Alan Armstrong

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Hi All,

Am having to make a small alteration to the rear tub of my convertible as when assembled (not by me),,,but by a bit of a bodger,  the space to the doors is too tight.

As said in the title of this thread (excuse the pun), I am trying to identify where all the bolts are lurking that i need to loosen to knock bad the tub a tad or two!

I have undone the bolts across the floor where the front meets the back, in the boot I have found the bolts to the angled boot outriggers. I have found 2 bolts over the diff and I believe I need to unbolt the 2 outer seat belt mounting rings.

I believe there may be some bolts through the edge of the floor tub passing through the outriggers?

Anyone that can advise, please help.

Cheers Alan

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Thanks Glan,

Now having another look underneath have found positions E & F, E was ok, but F is duffed again by a COACH BOLT!

Using a light and a mirror, I can look into the chassis cavity and see a nut securing the coach bolt. Have cut into the bolt head so i can loosen it with a scredriver and hammer, but will try to remove it and replace with a bolt and the plate(with captive nut) as shown!

Happy days!


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