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Problems Fitting a new wing mounted aerial


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Hi all. I thought i would fit a new car aerial to my 73 mk2 2000 saloon recently as the old one had failed to receive and had a bit of a problem. I undid the old aerial nut mounting and it fell back down inside the wing which was hilarious but at the same time very frustrating. I managed to retrive it with a bent coat hook and pull out the whole thing and cable came with it. Now i am trying to locate the hole and find out by looking under the front wing that it is double skinned. Opps!!. Can anyone tell me how on earth you get inside the wing to fit the new aerial and feed the coaxial cable through the bulkhead into behind the radio console. I'm sure there are a few that have made this cock up before or is it just me? :) felling like a wet flannel at present..

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Next time fix a draw wire to the aerial wire before  you take it out ! you can then pull the aerial out , fix the new one on and pull it back into the car. Now you must poke a wire through the firewall and pull the whole thing back into the car  that way. Not as hard as it seems. I can do it in 5 minutes. Good luck.



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