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steering rack


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Is the bush on the 'Bay not the one for the bottom of the column? There is not much you can do if the play is actually in the rack other than have it overhauled. Having said that there is some adjustment available for the end float. Visit www.triumphstag.net and go to the Technical Area => Suspension & Steering. Scroll down and in the Assembling Power Steering Rack section, Line 19 onwards describes adjusting endfloat and greasing the rack.


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Thanks Guys
i havent had a chance to get to it yet i had a more pressing things to attend to this weekend
saturday  being a nice dry day i decided to take the car out for its monthly warm up ride just to keep everything moving
however i realised when i got in the car that i had left the handbrake on didnt give it a thought until i tried to move the car and you have guessed it the brakes were locked solid
first i tried just to drag them off that didnt work and to be honest i chickened out when the revs reached 3000 on the basis that at that i would be launched into next doors garden if it suddenly let go
it was quite an interesting feeling tho with lots of noise, smoke and the rear of the car sinking into the garage floor withouit actually going anywhere
so i pulled the wheels off and used a big hammer and lots of heat to free the rear shoes off
by the time i had finished it was 4pm and i had to go play football
all day with nothing to show for it what a plonker
roll on next sunday when i can finally have a look at actually doing some usefull work


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