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HELP - Overdrive won't come off the Box!


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OK - during the rebuild of the beige bomber, I'm obviously overhauling the running gear.
I've dropped the box out and want to replace the input shaft and race bearing as it has a tiny bit of play and gave an ominous rumble just before the strip-down.

HISTORY - The box has definitely been rebuilt previously as the main gear set and synchros are immaculate, but the main clincher is the fact that the circlip is missing from the tail-shaft and the gaskets weren't replaced - but silicone abounds!

NOW - Got the box on the bench and drained it, unbolted the overdrive and of course it stayed firmly stuck to the main casing. It really seems to be jammed in place...... any clue how I can get this apart.
I don't have air driven tools at the moment (compressor in a couple of weeks) so am down to the basics of wedges or lump hammer!  :P

Advice please! Stuck and pee'd off a little bit.


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John, until someone 'who knows' comes along...

The overdrives are sometimes mechanically locked to the gearbox.  I believe separating them requires air/oil pressure being applied to some point to operate part of the mechanism but I cannot recall the details (I've never done it myself).

It could be a bad move to try and physically force them apart with wedges or similar.

If my brain eventually gets into gear (no pun!) and no-one else has come up with the answer, I'll come back to you.

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