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Tyres 165 v 155


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I need to change the 165 'lower profile' size tyres on my CD. I have a full set of good 155 size tyres from a HLS in my gargage which makes sense to fit to the CD.
The wheel sizes are the same so will fitting the 155's to the CD cause me any problems? The CD was heavier than the other models - does this have any bearing on why the CD had different tyres? Any thoughts  -appreciated - thanks

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Cds were 10 kg hevier than the HLS's, so in that respect there would be no problem fitting a matching set to the car. one piont to note:-
the CD's have lower profile tyres, so you will lose a little in the performance stakes.
the larger profile tyres will put out the speedo, though not by much as one speedo fits all, so keep an eye on your speed!
hope this helps


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