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Refitting hubs

Peter McEvedy

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I should firstly point out that I am in no way an engineer so please excuse my complete lack of knowledge of anything mechanical!
I am upgrading the front suspension on my GT6 convertible and have removed everything and am now putting things back on! I have managed to replace the wishbones and uprights and have fitted the trunnionless kit. I have also bought the uprated hubs and stub axles from Canley. I am putting the hubs back on but the new wheel bearings seem very tight on the new stub axle - the old hubs slid off relatively easily - these seem very resistant! The bearing are the new ones with integral seals - first stupid question -I take it that the rubber seals are supposed to be at the outside of the hubs - it would seem illogical to be any other way! What is the best way to get the hub back on? I have put the stub axle back onto the upright and torqued it to the correct amount. I have greased the bearings using LM grease relatively sparingly - I don't want to damage anything so advice would be most welcome! No doubt more silly questions will follow!

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