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Acclaim alloy or steel wheels


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Heres what ive found

Acclaim steel wheels. Are 13x5.5j 4x100 et 42.5 with a 56.1mm bore

mk1 mx5s, dihatsu, proton, mk1 bmw mini and 84-04?honds civics {most hondas ive seen dont have a good offset} all have the 56.1mm bore. But vag group and early bmw 3 series have 57.1mm bore and some tasty wheels.

By my calcs 6j wheels will want an et {offset} of 39mm To put the inner rim in the same place as the steel wheel so I recon they shouldnt rub and would expect +5mm / -15mm tolerances on thease figure to be ok.
5.5j et 42.5
6j et 39
6.5j  et 32.5
7j et 26

Please feel free to point out errors and coment and rember, the reason they call me an expert that's ex as in has been and spurt as in a drip under pressure.

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Most after mkt 4x100pcd that have a reasonable off set will fit. Mk1/2 golf wheels are a good thing to look for as the Dub lads have a big following and a large choice of wheels.
The 100+ 5 spokes on mine were originally on an MX5 but have been on a scimitar SS1 then my Scimitar SST.

Once I have a set refurbished I may take a look at the KN diamond wheels that are original fitment on Small scimitar turbos.

Diamonds on my 1.4 SST below

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