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This probably means your seal is gone, you'll either need a new seal or more likely a replacement sealed-for-life pump. Does your pump have a nut on the end of the pulley, or is it flat? A nut means it can be dismantled and the seal replaced, if not it's sealed and can only be replaced.

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That's a good start!! If you're up to a bit of maintenance you'll need to get the impeller off the spindle, heat usually works but be careful not to damage it - use a thin gear puller and spread the load as much as possible.
The seal looks like this:


It fits as part number 6 in the diagram. Dig out the old one then replace the impeller carefully so as not to damage it, and a bit of plumber's solder makes it watertight again.

Alternatively buy a modern replacement, they cost about £30 or so.

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