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Advice from any London herald owners


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I’ve somewhat recently purchased a herald 13/60 convertible, probably without enough due diligence and probably paid too much but I got emotionally attached 😬

I’m located in hackney and wondered if there’s anyone knowledgeable on heralds in the area who wouldn’t mind taking a look at it and giving me a few pointers, or if there’s anything that screams that it might need urgent attention.

Good points are that the engine runs well and starts first go every time, even when very cold, it’s got about 50k miles on the odo. The body is far from perfect and the paint is a bit rough, I plan on doing work on the body in the coming years but I guess I wanted someone with an eye for it to tell me if the bones are solid enough for now or if I’m starting off with a lemon.

I think it’s maybe in need of a new clutch and flywheel machining, as there’s some clutch judder/chatter once it warms up - I plan on leaving this to a professional. Also definitely ready for fresh tyres. Im also considering possible future projects like putting in an alloy radiator, trunionless kit, electronic ignition, new engine mounts, new moulded carpet, alloy rocker cover, dashboard restoration and other bits and bobs.

Any advice, a chat in person, or recommendations for good mechanics, is much appreciated.

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Hi Samuel, congratulations on the new car! Have you owned any classics before or is this the first?

I'm the other side of the river but not far away - Waterloo area . Never owned a Herald but I've got a mk3 Spitfire and a 1300FWD, so am familiar with the species. I'd be happy to cast my eye over your new purchase and give an honest amateur appraisal. 

Two things I'd say first, which are probably a bit negative

1. the value and cost of these old cars is mostly in the bodywork: fixing mechanicals is relatively easy, fixing rotten steel and making it look nice is much more difficult.

2. paying a professional mechanic or bodyshop will swiftly add up to more than the car cost (unless you really overpaid!)

But the good news is it's one of the easiest cars to work on, parts are usually cheap, and there are always other owners around who can help out with tools / knowhow etc.

By the way is this a cunning plan to avoid the ULEZ charge?! I've noticed a few more classics on the roads and wonder if our exemption might be getting reviewed sometime soon...


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