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Oil Leak & Which Oil?


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This is my first post, I've recently bought a 1966 Triumph 1300  :)

It's in great condition, except for two small oil leaks - firstly from the cylinder head gasket when the car is running. I can't easily see where the second leak is coming from, but it's at the very front of the engine block - possibly the timing cover gasket? Any suggestions very welcome on this one!

I'll change the oil filter and I've found a gasket set for the head, so hopefully I can get that sorted out.

Which oil should I be using in the sump? I'm guessing it needs thick Castrol GTX or similar, 20w-40 or 20w-50? I don't know when it was last changed, so I think it's probably time.

Hope this hasn't been answered before, I had a search but didn't find anything.


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20-50 oil, virtually anything that has a specification( sf, sg, sh, sj). In fact I have just filled my car with a comma 15/50 and all seems dandy!
The timing cover oil seal may well be a bit leaky, pretty common but a pain to change as you have to get the pully nut off (VERY tight). This sparys oil about nicely.
If it is just dripping it could be the cover gasket (unusual) or more likely the sump bolts at the front of the engine have stripped the threads in the ali block the fit into (the 2 central bolts at he front and back are in ali, a poor design) and I have fixed the in situ but drilling the actual sump hole out a little (carefully) and then tapping the threads with a larger tap (I used 10mm as I have that size, 3/8 unc better really) or ideally a helicoil.
May be worth cleaning the engine up to help locate the actual source of the leak, careful use of a jetwash is good but avoid directing it at any seals :-/
Hope that helps a little, if not ignore me!!

And a warm welcome to the forum, enjoy!

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20/50, my personal choice is halfords classic oil made by comma but in a halfords brand tin.
If the oil leak is at teh rear of the block this is a common fault and the timing chain cover is also a common leak point, both are pitas to do.

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