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Stuck Clutch


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Hi all, just picked up my new toy a 1973 mk2 man od in French blue and it's been off the road for a few years in which time the clutch seems to have stuck. The car will move forward on the starter in all gears, but the clutch pedal does bugger all.
Any suggestions? (without splitting the engine/gearbox preferably)

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Get the engine nice and warm, then start it in gear and drive it, keep the clutch pressed in and jerk the power on and off.......... it'll go! But, the car must be warm.

If this does'nt work, you may have to remove the gearbox, but its rare for it not to go under power.

Failing that, again, get it nice and hot, then leave it to cool down overnight with a block of wood holding the clutch pedal down. As the flywheel heats and cools, the expansion/contraction should break rust holding the clutch on. When it finally goes, slip the clutch for a bit to "tidy" the faces up before you park it up.

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