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Straight-six gearbox oil top-up?


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I'd like to check the gearbox oil level and top it up if necessary - where is the filler plug located? I assume it's on the side somewhere and the fill level is just below the hole!

It's a 1600 straight six engine with 4-speed manual gearbox (no overdrive). I'm unsure of the year as it's fitted in my Bond Equipe GT4S (not original engine)

Also, is EP80/90 oil OK?

Apologies for asking rather basic questions, I've not managed to get a workshop manual for it yet, but I'm taking advantage of having the time to fix and sort out various things on the car at the moment. :)

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(Please, we're on real-name terms here!)

Filler is on the right hand side of the gear-box itself.  A square ended conical thread bolt.
Access is not easy, unless you take the gearbox cover off.   Many will cut a hole on the cover and make a lid of some sort, so that access is made simpler and maintenance easier.   Pic below of my Vitesse cover with an access hole.

EP 80/90 should be fine, but make sure that it is "GL-4", as the GL-5 spec. includes  sulphur-based additives which can attack the "yellow metal" components, synchrto rings etc in the gear train.

You really need a WSM, if only to answer this sort of Q straight away.  If you can't find a WSM for the Bond, then the Haynes Vitesse/GT6 one will cover all the mechanical bits.  

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Thankyou John! The gearbox cover is off already as I have been removing the speedo cable to replace it. To be honest that's why I wanted to top up the fluid, as I mistakenly removed the speedo drive gear and a bit of oil was lost. Not a lot, but I figured I'd top it up. The oil looked nice and clean anyway! Speedo cable is now removed and speedo drive back where it should be.

I'll be getting a workshop manual posted to me but with it being Christmas it's not going to be here for a while yet.

Thanks again for your advice,


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