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My Herald has a 1500 engine and the oil is weeping a little from the filler cap.It hasn't done this before.
It is marked oc4.
Several questions.
Is this correct,a pressurized cap?
Is there a breather anywhere that might need cleaning?
Have recently changed the oil and overfilled it a bit.
Any thoughts?


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On the 1500 there should be a pipe coming from the side of the rockerbox, and assuming it is fitted with twin SU HS4 carbs, the pipe should split and feed into the carb bodies. The rubber pipe should be oil pipe, as water pipe (usually used!) perishes/baloons/falls apart.
If fitted with single CD150 carb, the pipe should feed into a rould valve fitted to the inlet manifold.
The alternative is to let the pipe breathe to the air (under the engine via a length of pipe is ideal), and block the feed into the carbs/valve whatever.
Hope that helps (a bit!)

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