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Triumph Acclaim  Carburettor Tuning

Doug Owen

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Hi There,
Anyone out there had any experience of "Mobile Tuning" of the "Keihin" Twin Carburettors, comments please!  Also, Any recommendations for Tuning "Experts" in the South Wales Region; any thoughts, comments, welcomed! Doug Owen.

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I've recently set up the Keihins on my Acclaim, not sure if that makes me an expert! I found the most useful notes in an Austin Rover product training workbook, rather than any of the mainstream literature.
My carb setup isn't 100% as I lacked a carb balancer and a gas tester. I've been able to balance most other carbs by ear using a tube, but I wasn't happy that I'd done so with these. I think the relative layout of the engine bay makes listening far more difficult than on the more familiar (to me) Triumphs. As it happens, I got the emissions spot on, but I will do it all again once I get tound to picking up a carb balancer.
If you're finding any specific problems maybe I can offer some advice. The only real problem I encountered was getting a suitable screwdriver into the mixture adjustment screws. Clearance is limited, I had to partially remove the plasticshroud around the lefthand carburettor.

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