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HS2 Carb uneven/ fast tickover


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I have a problem with uneven tickover on my carbs. The throttle plates have the
spring loaded overrun valves fitted which I am told can leak and cause this
issue. As a trial can I simply glue the valves closed to see if the problem is
cured? Thanks Steve

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People either replace the throttle plates/butterflies or solder them shut. I cannot see a problem with using glue to seal them but would warn against any method that might lead to stray unwanted bits going into the engine.

Make sure that the spindles do not excessive play as they may be letting too much air past. You can check whether this is a problem by squirting WD40/CRC or similar around the carbs and see whether the idle speed changes.

You also should check that the carbs are balanced - hunting/unstable idle speed can be explained by imbalanced carbs/ air leaks and the like......

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