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Hi, have what I assume to be a 12/50 Herald engine in a Mark (1964) Spit.
Engine no is GD 89 Etc HE.
It presently has a Ford carburettor of unknown origin, what was the best Single carb for this engine?
The Dizzy needs to be changed as I need the Rev Counter Connection,Dont want to convert to Petronix at this stage, any idea which of the Spit Dizzy's will fit?

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The 1147cc was only ever fitted with a downdraught Solex in a single carb installation, a B30 in the case of all 12/50s. The same carb was used on Ford Anglias, is this what you've got? I can't remember seeing one of these in a Spitfire installation, I'm trying to picture in my mind whether there is adequate bonnet clearance. There will be aftermarket replacements with the same foootprint, clearances are likely to be similar.
There is no factory produced off-the-shelf manifold to fit a single sidedraught carb onto an 1147cc engine, so a single SU or Stromberg carburettor isn't a realistic option. Weber and Dellorto installations have been available from Triumph Tuning specialists, someone probably still makes them to order. Why don't you want to revert to the original Mk1 Spitfire twin SU arrangement?
The Spitfire Mk1 would originally have a Delco Remy distributor, as did all the others until the 1500 went over to a Lucas type. The only positive aspect of the Delco distributor is that they had a tacho drive, in all other respects they are inferior to the Lucas types. Any Delco type from a Spitfire will fit, but advance characteristics will vary according to which type it's intended for.
Lucas distributors with a tacho drive are scarce, though they are original equipment on most Vitesses. One of these rebuilt with 4-cylinder internals will do what you want, but it's far from being a simple bolt-on option,

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