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Choke cable thread.


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Is anyone else having trouble getting hold or a choke cable that fits? I'm struggling to find one that has enough thread to reach through the wooden dash, accommodate the bezel and have enough for the securing nut behind. I'm having one sent from ANG from fleabay and they have advised that the threaded part on the knob fitting is about 17 - 18 mm. 

My Spit is currently at my mechanic on the rolling road and he states: "The wood plus the metal frame it sits on is around 15/16 mm. Plus the washer for the nut and there’s just not quite enough thread for the nut to screw onto it. "

The one from ANG is a specific Triumph Spitfire mk4, Dolomite item and the advert states that it conforms to the original part number

Where do you get your replacements?

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I've contacted 8 online retailers; Rimmers, Canleys, ANG, Robsport, Leacy, James Paddock, Jag Spares and Moss-europe.

I did this just by googling the part number and making my way through.

Most haven't responded, those who did didn't have any stock to measure against, ANG's kit was too short (17 - 18 mm) but the winner is:

James Paddock! Not only did they get back the quickest, but their thread length is 25 - 30mm which is exactly what my mechanic is saying he needs. They are also among the cheapest at £8.95, plus postage of £5.

So they get my order.

Hopefully this might save you all a bit of time when you need to replace your choke cables...

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