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dolly carb mounts

Tim Clarke

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I have 2 problems with my 1850 hl dolly and would appreciate any advice. The rubber carb mounts have split after only 3 mths.   At the best part of £80 a pair I am reluctant to replace like for like when I have heard solid mounts are available but I cannot find these.   I am not concerened about fuel 'bounce' with such a low annual mileage, reliability is more importent to me.   Thoughts anyone ?

My second problem is the clutch needs replacing.   The very helpful Peter, who has looked after my classics for years, at Dennis Road Motors has retired so does anyone know where I could get a replacement fitted locally ?   I am at Shepperton.

Regards to all


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If you feel adventurous, you can make your own. I did a pair from a piece of ali that was almost exactly hhd same thickness as the rubber mount. 

I used a hole saw, then a hacksaw to cut the shape. Finally drilled the holes, tapped and counterbored. 

Nothing like as tidy as the TDC versions, but they are fully functional.

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