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LT 77 gearbox

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I have just read that the LT77 Gearbox was a Jaguar developed gearbox My understanding was that it was a Triumph developed Gearbox to replace the aging Sprint/2000 gearbox? 

I know that they were used in the Tr7 and Tr8 but what was the first car they were used on? 

Anyone fitted one to a 2000/Stag?



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I also thought it was a Triumph design, originally used in the Rover SD1 and later in TR7 & 8.  It was also used in Jaguars and Leyland DAF vans, and eventually became the standard manual box in Land Rovers, Range Rovers and Discoverys.

I have an LT77 in a Stag, using Jaguar remote selector linkage, but with RV8 engine.

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On 20/06/2022 at 15:15, Martins Stag said:


Anyone fitted one to a 2000/Stag?

Triumph 2000 you will need a Rover SD1 2300 2600 bell housing, a TR7 clutch. Might need to make a 1/4 inch spacer plate from another backplate. I know I did for Gt6 conversion . Snag uses the same 2300 2600 bell housing too. Clutch and other details for the Snag NO IDEA.

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