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Inertia reel seatbelts in Herald convertible


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As we're now swapping drivers more frequently - son learning and wife having a go.

I've decided to fit inertia reel seatbelts to the front of the Herald. I've got a pair of Securon 514/30 seatbelts, I've got them in using the existing holes but it's not ideal:

The drivers side seems ok until you put the roof down at which point it locks up.

The passenger side would only fit facing out so the belt comes off at about 45 degrees, it works but binds on retraction and isn't going to last long at that angle.

Does anyone have any advice or photos of how to get these fitted?


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Yes I have the securon ones that allow me to change the angle, although mine look a little different to yours. On the drivers side it's like yours and I'm not sure why it's binding with the roof down (yet).

On the passenger side the bit sticking out would be on the other side and that doesn't fit as it is blocked by the side panel. I'll post some pictures tonight.

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I've attached an image showing the drivers side which isn't too bad but won't work with the roof down. and the passengers side which is just facing the wrong way!

I guess I could replace the hardboard with aluminium and bend it to allow the seatbelt to fit.

drivers side.jpg

passenger side.jpg

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I have similar on my Vitesse. When bolted direct to the factory mounting spot on the wheel tub, these did have problems with the hood frame resting on the when folded, so I used a couple of extension strips (which may even have come with the belts, it was a looong time ago now) to lower them down a bit (Maybe 40 - 50mm). The strips also allowed me to bend them a little to improve the angle of the belt run.

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23 minutes ago, Piran2 said:

The brakets that came with the seatbelts seem much shorter than the ones above

Possibly I made the brackets from strips of 3mm steel. I do remember that there was a bit of a development process spread out over a number of years, but I’ve forgotten the details I’m afraid.


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