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HS6 Carburettors for sale

Phil Townsend

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Hi Phil,

I have a 1960 US TR3A fitted with Strombergs, and they are not working well, despite a rebuild with new needles. The mechanic said I needed SUs, but I thought he said 1.5inch, not 1.75. Would these HS6 carbs work for my TR3A with the larger 2.2 engine? Will they need a lot of work?

I haven't joined the club yet, but I was going to join the TR Drivers' Club or the TR Register. But they don't have the membership or the choice of spares of Club Triumph.

Could you let me know if these will work for me?

Best wishes, Richard

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My TR4A had HS6 carbs from new, tags under float chamber screws read AUD 209F and AUD 209R (Front and Rear). I am sure these carbs would be ideal for your car as it has the larger engine (same as my 4A).

The codes Phil quotes are correct for the HS6s as fitted to the TR7. I have no idea how similar these are to the earlier ones and whether they would be adaptable for your car.

I suggest you check with Burlen, THE SU specialists, on 01722 412500.


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Thank you for your replies and helpful suggestions.

I spoke to Chris at Burlen, and he said he thought the HS6 carbs fitted to the TR7 had 'a different profile' from the earlier ones for the TR3A. He has some HS6s 1.75 inch for the 2138cc engine. Unfortunately, they are £868.25 plus VAT.

I am also waiting to hear from Southern Carburettors whether they think the TR7 ones will fit. And also waiting to hear from Phil, what the tag numbers are, and if these carbs are still available.

Does anyone have any other ideas? If not, I might have to buy the new ones from Burlen. I have to get the car running properly, after all.

Thanks again.


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I have a pair of fully refurbished HS6 carbs for sale. They cost £600 just for the refurb.  They are not exactly the same as the photo above, the bottom of the jets look different. Whether mine are right or the others are correct I don't know, but for purists I'm sure they can be easily and cheaply exchanged. Please contact me if you are interested and I can send photos.

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