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Herald 13/60 Convertible Rear Tub free to collector

Adrian Girling

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If you are thinking of converting a saloon to a convertible this may be of interest?  I need the space so if nobody is interested this will be left outside to be collected for scrap.  I've tried to photograph all the places where it's been welded - soundly done (not by me, by the previous owner who is a professional welder) - the rear wheel arches don't look pretty but gentle smoothing with an angle grinder and some knifing putty should do the trick.  I've tried to take photos of the worst bits - can take more if requested.  Collection from TW20 postcode.  You are welcome to view any time.

Please ignore the tools etc., they are not included! 







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Tub looks pretty good for a convertible one - seems to have floors!

The trick always used to be to convert a sound saloon tub by separating along the wing seams and transplanting but looks like it would need to be a very good saloon tub to make it worth doing in this case.

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15 hours ago, Amy Wade said:

It could be worth sending a PM or posting again on this thread.

Thanks Amy, good point, worth adding the photos to that thread - I'm now already exchanging PMs with someone who has expressed interest so I'll do as you suggest if that discussion doesn't reach the desired conclusion 👍

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