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Steering Lock

acclaim driver

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Sorry it's a little late, but for reference the repair is as follows

First remove the steering column as the repair will be best carried out on the bench, follow the instructions in the Haynes WSM  as it  is fairly accurate. As some people may not have a manual:-

Remove the fuse box cover 1x 10mm nut, 1x10mm bolt, disconnect the wiring multiplugs for the column

remove the remains of the shroud 2xblue 6mm pz2 and some pz2 self tappers

remove steering column floor gaiter black twisty clip and a plastic rivet

undo 12mm pinch bolt to UJ and remove

undo 2off 12mm bolts and 2x 12mm nuts painted yellow to drop steering column and remove from car. 5 minutes work

in picture no 2 you will see the sheer bolts on the back of the column lock, so lock it in a vice or work bench and tap them off with a punch or whatever your preferred method is. 

stuff it all back together the way it came apart


I hope this helps somone, anyone, I'm not fussy




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