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TR7 Tyres


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To fit some (Proper) brakes on the TR7 i have got a set of 15" MGF alloys. They come with 205/50 r15 and 185/55 r15 tyres on which need replacing. 

I can go 205 all round but might be a bit much for the small bearings on front wheels or go 185 all round or go 195/50 r15 all round(This appears to be cheapest option). 

Any TR7 enthusiast have an opinion for me to mull over?

These Tyres have added benefit of less flab in the side walls too so should improve road holding , especially with my adjustable Spax shocks going in.

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I always ran my 7 with 15" MGF wheels on Continental Premium (2?) TL 185/55 R15 which I found gave good handling in all weathers. Since buying the TR7V8 I changed to Falken ZE310 EcoRun 195/55 R15 as I needed a reasonably priced V rated tyre to match the theoretical maximum speed.

Tyre pressures on the new Falken's took some sorting out but when I contacted them they gave me a cars specific recommendation based on axle weights and since then it has been handling well. Rolling diameter is less than 0.9% larger than the wheels and tires this car came with (195/60R14). The car handled very well during the 10CR in all conditions and some hard driving so to be recommended

Copy of Falken recommendation attached for information

PS I found 205's can touch the rear wheel arches during spirited driving down single track Scottish roads !

PPS The 7 did not have any spacers fitted so the front wheel centers had to be glued in place, but the V8 has spaces so the original centres fit without modification. I usually spray them silver to cover up the MG logo


Falken Tyre Pressure recommendation.pdf

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Howard any thoughts as to why not on a 195/50 r15 they are slightly cheaper which is a bonus but obviously loses a bit of side wall. The Circumference of the tyre is only 3mm bigger than the 175/70r13 tyre recommended for the 7 so should keep speedo readings the same. 

I ask in case there is some blundering buffoonery I have missed.

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Matt I was selecting a tyre that kept my speedo showing the correct speed. A long time ago when it was rebuilt as a V8 the diff and speedo were changed and the car was fitted with 196/60/14's which gave  correct speed reading (checked on my GPS) The error for the 195/55/15 was less than 1% so they worked for me - however as your car is set for the original 175/70/13 using 195/50/15 gives a very small error of below 0.5% so is probably the way to go for you.

That's it - if you want to play with the figures I use the following site:-



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