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Hi all,

Just out of interest, what is the correct dissy for a TR5, and what should the advance be set to? I ask as my Mk1 has a TR5 cam and HS6 carbs on a long intake manifold, so I thought the TR5 is about the nearest to stock.

Following issues on the HCR I am trying to ascertain if I should get the standard 22D dissy rebuilt, and then what it should be timed to.

Thanks, Jon

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Yes Lucas 22 D6, Part Number 41219B for A TR5.

According to my Haynes manual maximum advance 12 Degree's for the Early type and 16 Degrees at 4,000 RPM, for the later versions.

At 2,000 RPM max 6 Degree's early Max 8 Degree's for the later version.

No Vacuum advance on the 5 either?

If you have carbs fitted maybe A vacuum advance type may be more suitable, I'm sure someone will tell you?



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Hello Gary,

it's not whether the engine is a carburettor engine or not but how they are set up. If the TR 250 is of a similar spec to Gary's and it used a vacuum distributor then if those needles are used and the correct vacuum module is fitted, then yes it may be the one to go for?


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