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Are your details correct? NOW is the time to fix them, especially your phone number.

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As with previous years, I'll be setting up a WhatsApp announce group for the RBRR so please make sure your current phone numbers are in your entry. Due to the volume of data I will be doing this as an import and won't be looking too closely - if you don't update your phone number you won't get these useful messages, both before and during the run. We've used this service to get people spare parts and help so we'll do it again. Because it's an announce list, it will only have a few people who will post so you won't get inundated with irrelevant messages.

Please don't wait until the start to sort this out, I can help people out now, whilst it's calm, when the run is 'on', I won't be able to, I will have my own issues 😉

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