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Vitesse Bonnet Bracing Hoop in New Zealand


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Good evening guys.
Several years ago the painter I had doing my car lost the bonnet bracing hoop but naturally claimed no knowledge and has since sold the business. The only joy from this is had only paid him 1/2 the bill.
I popped over to my sons house to have a look at my spares but only have a complete bonnet on the Mk2 Convertible and no hoop in the spare bonnet.
So is the Herald 13/60 hoop compatible with a Vitesse, I think it is but is a 1200 bonnet hoop the same.
You can all place a definite bet that I need a bonnet bracing hoop so do any of you in New Zealand know of any spare in the country. I think I will have to take a whole bonnet and scrap it for the part.


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Wahey I picked up a bonnet hoop and a very good nick boot lid.
The previous owner of these parts had a few Heralds and  bits and a very very early Herald Coupe.
Had to go for an 8 hour round trip to get them but I am now a happy chappy.

I forgot how small the parts of these cars are.
I had the roof rack on the Rangie but didnt need it as they all fitted into the boot neatly.


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