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Hi Folks,
          I posted back in January that my co-driver (and son) Russell had a  medical disaster. He popped a disc in his back and ended up having two  big operations  in the space of a week.
Through the spring and early summer he recovered very quickly and went  back to  work (TRolley Dolly at BA) ,
In early August some pain returned to his leg and had an MRI for the medics to see what was happening.

Come the RBRR he was up for it. He could drive and was comfy in the car (TR4A).
By mid October he suffered footdrop (caused by pressure on the spinal nerve). The GP suggested going to A&E which he did.
They gave him a letter to contact the surgeon that carried out the first op in January.
Yesterday he saw the consultant. After viewing the MRI scans done in August he suggested more surgery - next Monday.
There were particles floating around causing the problem.
10/10 to the consultant and his quick respone.
The question is why didn;t the hospital that carried out the MRI see the debris and act as  quick as  the consultant.

Still there is light at the end of the tunnel


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Its a matter of judgement as to the possible problems that the findings on the MRI could cause against the possible problems that more extensive surgery to remove the fragments could cause at the time Roger.

('Tis a pity humans can't be fully dismantled to inspect componentry and re-assembled like our cars.)

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You are quite right. It is like the cars - ' fixing it until it is broken'

My gripe above was that the hospital that did the MRI appear not  to have looked at the results. No  report was ever sent through to the GP etc.

However I still have great confidence in the NHS system.


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