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early and late CV s


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Hi Walt.

What leads you to think there are any differences in cv joints for the 1300fwd?

I've never seen or hear of any differences.

The only difference I know of is that the 1500fwd does have larger cv's than the 1300fwd. these are interchangeable so long as you use the 1500fwd driveshaft as well because the internal spline of the cv is larger.

So maybe some previous owner changed to 1500fwd driveshafts for some reason, they are thought to be stronger and longer lasting.

Both 1300fwd and 1500fwd CV's are unique to the triumph models

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Very good!

No, my car has an all original set up. 
it's just that I read it a few times in listings of parts. So, I was wondering if there was a difference. But there isn't.

Yes, the 1500's are bigger.
Interesting to know one can do a conversion to the "better"(?) CV's of a 1500 FWD.

Thank you.

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