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Here she is ! Molly the Dolly . I will hopefully be partaking the RRBR in 2006 with my son and some friends, I can't wait! Can anyone tell me if she is the first 1500 Auto to attempt the event?. I bought her after my ignominious exit from the 2004 event in my spitty (Yes the blue one that modified the scottish bridge). She has been extensively repaired and the bottom half painted to make her respectable . She has a rebuilt engine from a spitty a new rack two MOT's and assorted ball joints and bushes.

I will be carrying a number of spares depending on the size of my crew incuding the electrical testers that proved useful last time. I will publish a list nearer the time.

Has anyone one got a period roofrack circa 1979. I have a modern one but its just not the same. How about a theme for the 2006 event like period dress for the vintage of your car . I still have a pair of Brutus flares and a horses head Ben Sherman with matching tie!

Good luck to you all.

I still have the warning triangle lent to me in the last event and I am keeping it safe untill I can return it.

Darren and Ben Sharp

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The car is looking nice. not so sure about a roof rack reckon it could cost fuel and performance.

Fancy Dress: Not so sure, one couple attempted this in 2002 and looked a bit daft after a bit of time. Breakdown in the Highlands and you will raise some eyebrows from the locals! Cannot see many crews attempting this- another thing to worry about. Also wonder if it might undermine the charitable aspect of the event.

Good luck with your prep. work, note entry has 28 spaces left-so do not delay.


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