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thinking of entering an autosolo, but this is from the entry regs, and I cannot find what some of it actually means:
Body shape must conform to the original silhouette of the production vehicle and retain the original layout of engine and transmission. Bumpers can be removed and wheel arch extensions added. An effective windscreen or Aero-type screen must be fitted. Engine must comply with C(b)-10. Silencing must comply with silencing levels in C(b)-23. Safety: all open cars and Specials are recommended to fit safety roll-over bars to at least C(c)-31-35. The following parts of C(b) remain unmodified by this section: Chassis; Seating; Suspension; Brakes; Steering; Tyres; Cooling; Oil Systems; Fuel Systems; Electrical Systems; Weight/Ballast; Exhausts;
Does this all mean my zetec spit, no roll bar, is not eligable?
Somebody will hopefully know!


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